Securing lives and property.

Whether your goal is to secure your facility, ensure the safety of your employees, guard against theft, or monitor performance, The Hiller Companies has a solution for you.

We offer comprehensive security solutions that are customized depending on your need. Our offerings include the following:

Access Control & Intrusion – Hiller provides full service security integration by offering asset protection with professionally installed commercial grade security systems.  Not only will you and your employees feel safe, but you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your building is being safeguarded all day, every day – even when nobody is there.

Video – Video security systems have seen dramatic technology changes in recent years.  The days of fuzzy cameras and VHS tapes are long past. Network surveillance solutions now have the ability to provide crystal clear ultra-high definition images (even in darkness) to local and mobile viewing devices. Video analytics have also improved significantly in recent years.  These analytics include motion detection, object left behind, foot-traffic patterns, line crossing, and license plate recognition.  All of these can generate a text or email alert to initiate remote viewing, and they can be converted into useful data for reporting.

Innovation In Security – Modern security control panels take advantage of the latest technologies. Mobile apps can provide remote administration so you can arm, disarm, and control your system while at home or on the move. Email and text alerts guarantee that you will be notified of events at the same time as emergency responders. Modern control panels can also employ cellular connections for central station alarm monitoring. This saves money while preventing dangerous breaks in communication. Intrusion systems can also incorporate access control, fire, and video systems to provide a complete and budget-friendly security solution.

Monitoring – Alarm Monitoring is a key component of your complete intrusion security solution. When a security event occurs at your premises, local authorities need to be notified so they can respond to the scene.  To do this, the Hiller-installed security control panel communicates its alarm information to a central monitoring station.  This central monitoring station then immediately acts upon the alert and sets the wheels in motion to secure your property.  Actions include calling your point of contact to alert you and verify the alarm, and alerting your local police or security department.  This process of supervising your alarm system and initiating the proper reaction is called “central station monitoring.” Click here for more information on our monitoring services.